• 1994-1998

    1997 Gatetin developed hair care products.

    1997 Gatetin developed a new family package for shower gel.


  • 1994-1998

    1994 Gatetin developed the shower gel product, the first step on its way of personal care industry.


  • 1998-2002

    2001 Gadetin introduced 4 hot sell Item in the market: Natural pearl shower gel, Pearlised shower gel, aromatherapy shower gel, anti-itch shower gel.

    2001 Gadetin developed the detergent powder, hand wash, softener products.

    2001 Gadetin developd the seahorse perfume shower gel.

  • 1998-2002

    2000 Gadetin was certified by ISO 9001.

    2000 Gadetin developed the nourishing shower gel in family package.



  • 1998-2002

    1999 Gadetin developed personal care products.

    1999 Gadetin was award by the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau as the reliable supplier of consistent good quality.

  • 2002-2006

    2005 Gadetin developed Baby care bathing items.

    2005 Gadetin developed the little princess flower bath gel formulation.

    2006 The brand “ ACCEN”, “ Pocool”, “Softwhite”, manufactured by Gadetin, were awarded the “ National inspection exemption product”

  • 2002-2006

    2004 Gadtetin’s products became the official product for the Chinese national Olympic champion diving team and the Gadetin research center became the official lab for product development for the Chinese national diving team.

    2004 Gadetin up-graded the family shower gel formulation



  • 2002-2006

    2002 International institution ACNielsen released their market research report: ACCEN, supplied by Gatein, became the best seller in HK supermarkets.

    2003 Gadetin developed a new skincare shower gel.

    2003 June, Gadetin was awarded “ advanced enterprise” by Zhongshan City government

  • 2006-2010

    2010 Gadetin developed the Natural Fruit bubble bath.

    2010 Gadetin held a party for Chinese swimming team to celebrate the medals won in the Aisan Games.

    2010 The brand "ACCEN" supplied by Gatetin, was awarded the " Chinese well-know trademark".

  • 2006-2010

    2009 Gadetin’s products became the official exclusive supply to the Chinese National Oplympic champion swimming team from 2009-2012.

    2009 Gadetin launched a new HD Chinese herb anti-dandruff shampoo.

    2009 Gadetin sponsored the Chinese National Olympic champion swimming team and became the exclusive official supplier for them from 2009-2012.

  • 2006-2010

    2008 Gadetin was awarded “ The most competitive enterprise in toiletries industry” and “ The best enterprise with famous Brand in China”

    2008 Gadetin up-graded the seahorse perfume shower gel.


  • 2006-2010

    2007 Gadetin developed the natural herb hair care products.

    2007 June Gadetin was awarded "the most reliable and trustworthy enterprise for consecutive 4 years" from Zhongshan Government.

    2007 October The brand "ACCEN", manufactured by Gadetin, reached its’ peak by awarded “ China Famous Brand".

  • 2010-Nowaday

    2014 Gadetin celebrated its’ 20th birthyday in the new facility in Dawang zhaoqing, Continued to be the leader of personal care industry.


  • 2010-Nowaday

    2013 Gadetin up-graded the little princess flower bath gel formulation.

    2013 Gadetin launched the elastic, conditioner products

    2013 Gadetin up-graded the Cream A & shampoo formulation.

  • 2010-nowaday

    2013 July Gadetin signed a contract with State administration of sports, becoming the official supplier and sponsor of the Chinese national swimming team from 2014-2021

    2013 Gadetin developed 7 in 1 detergent in a new family pack bottle with 2 orifices.

    2013 Gadetin up-graded 7 in 1 detergent formulation


  • 2010-Nowaday

    2012 Gadetin developed the Aroma herb oi shower gel.

    2012 Gadetin developed the fresh fruit olive oil moisture shampoo.

    2012 Gadetin held a party for Chinese swimming team to celebrate the medals won in London Olympic games.

    2012 Gadetin start the 100,000 ㎡ factory building in Dawang zhaoqing, laying the fouddation for a better future and being ready for the long-run in this industry.

  • 2010-Nowaday

    2011 Gadetin set up “ Chinese national swimming team fund”, fully supporting the team for success in 2012 London Olympic Games.

    2011 Gadetin up-graded the skincare shower gel.

    2011 Gadetin developed the fresh fruit olive oil moisture shower gel.

    2011 Gadetin developed the anti-bacterial hand wash.

    2011 Gadetin developed the 7 in 1 Liquid detergent.