Environmental responsibility
1 source of energy

GDT  focus on improving energy utilization and seeking alternative energy, develop new technology products, to reduce energy consumption and wastage. GDT propose to use environment protection, easy degradation recycled materials, this is our social responsibility and duty.

2.Environment Protection

Through  outdoor, campus and community activities, GDT advertise health, safety, energy conservation, green products, saving, environmental protection, green life, to love the earth, let the human and the society sustainable development.

3. Cyclic utilization

GDT continuing to optimize the product design, reduce material waste, let the after consumer product packaging can be recycled.

4 Economic responsibility

Today, GDT is steadily moving forwards around world, provide global professional cosmetic OEM/ODM ly services. GDT establish a new standard industry park in the new technology development zone Zhaoqing  2014, which can be powerful support GDT moving faster around the world.

The Success comes from commitment of providing high-quality innovative product to customer and consumer , in return, customer and consumer create value for us. To this end, we efforts on the technology, equipment, design, development, talent and service , create unique products and service, satisfy with customers and consumers all requests.

On the Business co-operation, GDT committed to maintain the higher ethical standards. GDT business ethics strengthen our faith, every employee accordance with the higher ethical, moral, legal standard to do the work, We all staff always with honesty, integrity, and fair to perform the action.